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3 Things To Know About Buying Virgin Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are all the rage right now, with celebrities always flaunting theirs on social media. But the thing with hair extensions is that you can go the cheap route with synthetic hair or splurge on the good stuff by opting for virgin hair extensions. If you want amazing hair extensions, you’re going to have to invest the money and buy quality, longer-lasting virgin hair extensions. Here are a few things to know about buying virgin hair extensions and why they’re a better option than their cheaper counterparts:

1. Quality hair

Virgin hair is hair that’s not been colored before and is the most expensive type of hair extensions you can buy. But they’re also the best of the best because the hair is kept in its natural state, so it is free of any dye or chemicals. These types of hair extensions are taken directly from the hair donor, gently washed and then bundled for sale. These extensions are soft and smooth and all of its cuticles are intact and come laying in the same direction ready to be placed on your own hair. They also won’t tangle or matte easily.

2. They will last

Since there is not better hair when it comes to extensions than virgin hair, know that your extensions will last longer when it’s properly cared for than when using synthetic hair or a combo of synthetic and human hair. Sometimes, virgin hair extensions can last up to a year or even longer.

3. Color-matched to your hair

Virgin hair is naturally dark so you can easily have it colored to match your own hair color and it will easy take to the color since it’s never been treated before. If you see hair extensions that are blonde and labeled virgin, know that you are being duped and don’t believe it. Blond virgin hair doesn’t really exist since there are not enough blonde colored donors giving up their hair for extensions.

And as a rule of thumb when buying virgin hair extensions, remember that you get what you pay for!

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