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(Straight) #613 LACE FRONTAL (360)
  • (Straight) #613 LACE FRONTAL (360)

    Straight #613 Barbie Blonde 360 Lace Frontals are premium hair that allows you to deposit any color you desire without having to bleach your virgin bundles. NO BLEACHING NEEDED!!!! This means no risk of damaging the hair due to overprocessing. You save time and money. #BuyTheBestForgetTheRest

      • 100% Virgin human hair
      • Natural Off Black Color (1b)
      • Scalp color and density looks very natural.
      • Can be colored, cut, flat ironed and curled.
      • Can part anywhere.
      • 22.5x4x2 Dimensions
      • Natural hairline
      • No synthetic mix
      • No shedding or matting
      • Sealing knots will reduce shedding significantly
      • Last about 4-6 weeks or longer, but will not last forever.
      • Each closure is approximately 75 to 120 grams
      • Each hair is individually implanted into the base, knotted and secured with a strong adhesive.
      • Excessive tugging, brushing/combing, scratching with fingernails or foreign objects, applying product directly on the frontal, rough handling, vigorous washing, etc. can cause 360 frontal peice to bald.


      Just keep in mind that this is not your real scalp so it is extremely important to handle your 360 frontal peice with care. You can actually pull the hairs out with excessive tension and by being rough.


    Sneaky Frontals Sale

    Color: #613 Barbie Blonde
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